We have partnered with ASDA to provide a pilot project to install High Definition DS 40 screens within the foyers of around 20 sites across the UK. This has provided an exciting opportunity to install these screens in locations which receive high volumes of passing customers, which allows us to test the effectiveness of the modern advertising solutions. ASDA have been a long client of ours and we continue to have good working relations.

We always make sure to provide great solutions which are both great for customer engagement and future focussed.

About ASDA

Founded in 1949, ASDA is a major supermarket in the UK and is owned by the well-known and popular US Walmart company. ASDA comprises of around 600 stores (as of September) and a further 180,000 employees.

Our Offered Services

We have provided ASDA with a pilot project to install AMScreen DS 40 screens in 20 locations. The foyers of ASDA stores were selected in order to provide the highest levels of user engagement. All 20 locations have had all screens successfully installed. We are very happy with the project and we look forward to viewing the results.

Image Reference: http://www.asda.com/

Case Studies

To provide ASDA with this pilot programme, we have supplied the following services:

  • Project Management and Strategic Planning of the Project
  • Full Logistics service including delivery of all screens using our own fleet of green initiative vans
  • Professional installation of all DS 40 screens by our own dedicated team of expert engineers
  • Have the ability in place to provide screens to a wider range of sites across the UK

About AVC Digital

AVC Digital is a leading I.T. Service company based in the UK and provides its services both internationally and worldwide. Our services range from Digital Signage, Electrical Installations, Audio/Visual Equipment and Electronic Security and Disposal Services.
With our many years of experience, we have provided ASDA with an efficient and cost-effective solution for their Digital Advertising requirements and look forward to keeping our relationship strong into the future.

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